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Cybersecurity Predictions for 2020: What Our Experts Have to Say

As the year draws to an in-depth, the cybersecurity analysts at Webroot and Carbonite pull out their crystal balls to form their predictions for the year ahead. Our experts predict many of the trends they’ve been tracking throughout the year—well-researched attacks, RDP compromise, and therefore the importance of user education—will continue into the New Year. But they’ll be suffering from new industry developments like impending privacy regulations, AI-enabled attacks, and attacks targeting developing nations. Highly Targeted Ransomware Will still Devastate Businesses Unsurprisingly, our experts predict the strong trend toward highly targeted ransomware will bleed into 2020. “Highly targeted ransomware will likely continue,” predicts Webroot Software Management Manager Eric Klonowski. “Next year, we predict ransom-motivated attackers will more pointedly observe automatic backup solutions and make attempts to get rid of and alter the backup data or the task itself,” Kl